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iya company




IYA Investment

IYA Investment is a renowned Saudi business group that brings together a combination of expertise for various industries under one roof. IYA deploys a strategy that is based on vital economic sectors characterized by substantial growth, real financial value, outstanding performance and long term investments.

Arabian Integral Ministration Co. - AIMCO

AIMCO is considered as one of the leader company of grain trading and feed manufacturer in the Kingdom.

Albayad Farms Co.

Al Bayad Farms Co. “Al Bayad Farms”, its core business is produce and trade hatching eggs and day old chicks.

Advanced Machinery Co.

Advanced Machinery Co. “AMC”, it is specialized in trading agencies of some international companies, maintenance services and turnkey projects.

Your source for Animal Feed

Our mission is to offer a dependable supply of animal feed throughout the year.

Arabian Integral Ministration Co. (AIMCO)

Arabian Integral Ministration Co. - AIMCO , it has two main activities.  Import and trade of feed grains & commodities at its warehouses in Riyadh, Dammam and Joubail cities is the first activity.  The second is manufacturing and trading of animal & poultry feeds and concentrates at its two factories in Riyadh and Hafouf Cities.